A Strawberry Filled Afternoon

By Lusanda · Feb 19, 2021
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What is the best way to spend a day on a summer break with the kids doing an activity suitable for all ages and genders? Well, strawberry picking was the best alternative for us this summer as it was a decision we all made unanimously with no discussions on a second option. I have always wanted to go strawberry picking for the pictures and ambience more than anything, however for the kids, it was a different story. They wanted to go strawberry picking because they loved the fruit and wanted to indulge in it after they have picked enough. 


The Polkadraai Strawberry Farm is located approximately 30 minutes away from Cape Town. It can be reached on either the N2 or N1 of the National Roads. The Polkadraai strawberry farm offers strawberry picking, tractor rides, mini golf, pony rides plus light bites and a food/wine shop. We specifically went to pick strawberries because of the weather, in the morning it was drizzling and it was not promising that it was going to be a good day until later in the afternoon and by that time the farm was going to close in an hour and thirty minutes. 


There were five adults and four kids. We got to the farm, paid for our containers where we would be putting our strawberries in and were granted entry. I thought after we finished paying we would immediately see where we would be going to pick the strawberries but we had to walk for a good 2km to get to the designated strawberry picking location. The walk up was a laborious one as we were going up a steep heel, the sun was shining directly on us and because we arrived late we had to go pick the strawberries from the far end of the field because many people had already been there to do the picking. Our spirits were still high and we were still highly enthusiastic. We finally got to the top and started looking for the strawberries. 


What a wonderful experience we had, we filled up our containers while indulging on the strawberries as we were picking them (this is however not advisable due to the pesticides that they have sprayed on the strawberries) we ate them with the belief that if there was no harm done on the strawberries then no harm would be done unto us… The kids were so excited; they could not stop searching for the strawberries and would be so thrilled as they got to see their containers filling. It’s not surprising that they were excited though as there is something sweeter and special about the strawberries you pick up yourself than the ones you get from the grocery stores. 

We were now running out of time as they were announcing that they would close soon so we had to quickly wrap things up. We made a promise to ourselves and to the kids that we would definitely come back for them to explore the other activities that they have to offer at the farm while we would be enjoying the wine and the restaurant that they have.

We got home and the kiddies wanted a strawberry smoothie, can you guess what the adults wanted?? Yes, you guessed right with that alcoholic strawberry daiquiri. At the end of the day everyone was delighted with the experience and we spent the remainder of the day enjoying the fruits of our hard labour. 

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