Born To Wander



Sunsets and Great Company

Be grateful for good company, hot sun and clear water. 


Surviving 2020 picture

Surviving 2020

By Lusanda ·
Jan 6, 2021

If there is one thing I feel like we can all agree on at this moment in time is how much of the special year 2020 was. I use the word special in part…

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Mental Health Awareness picture

Mental Health Awareness

By Lusanda ·
Oct 27, 2020

Mental health illness is something that many people shy away from talking about or addressing, one of the main reasons for that is how society has ma…

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The Upside-Down House picture

The Upside-Down House

By Lusanda ·
Oct 14, 2020

What constitutes a great day? Well for me it definitely is spending time with my friends, whom I have not seen in a long time due to lockdown, and al…

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"WANDERLUST" (n.)  A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. 

Let's try to get out of our comfort zones and start living  life the best way we know how, by exploring the World and what it has to offer us. 

As St Augustine once wrote "The World is Yo…

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