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By Lusanda · Feb 18, 2022
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Where life was simpler, we worried less, we laughed more, played, and danced more. We spent time with people who made us happy when the family was important and we did not feel like strangers. When friendships were not so fickle and people lived up to the definition of the word friendship, there was no pretense, just genuine appreciation of being the person you are and personalities clicking. Let’s go back to basics, where we did not overthink and we enjoyed life without comparing ourselves to the next person or being jealous of people’s achievements and rather celebrate the growth that is paying off from their hard work.  Let’s go back to basics where we lived life for the moment and not worry about the next day or the next year and I will tell you why I am going back to BASICS.


Before the days leading up to the 31st December 2021, I had different emotions running through my mind. Every year towards the end of the year, I make it a point to sit down and reflect on the previous year and plan forward for the next year but there was something different about last year as I was not motivated to do that. I am aware that there are several things that I should be proud of that I had achieved in that particular year, however, I still felt like I did not push myself enough to achieve more. From those different thoughts and emotions I felt, I decided that I will not reflect nor plan anything for the following year because I was craving peace of mind hence, I did not want to stress myself further than I had already done. 


On the last day of 2021, I had an ‘ahaaa’ moment, that felt like a light bulb switch that happened exactly as we had been ushered into the New Year. I was happy, hopeful, and at peace. I spent the last day of 2021 with people who made me happy: my sisters (not all of them), boyfriend, son, niece, and friend. We had a beautiful braai, we saw the new year together and we did something that I have never done when it hits 00:00, which was praying as a family and after that, we proposed a toast to the new year and declared that things go according to plan this year. In my previous years, I would always be out with friends, drinking our lungs out and living our best lives without a care in the world so doing something different was a breath of fresh air. 

On the 1st January 2021, there was a shift that happened which I never experienced before, I thought it was there because the year was only beginning but after the feeling I felt, it remained like that. I cannot explain this feeling but it is one of stillness, calmness, and hopefulness. Most things made me anxious in the past but now all that has changed, I am accepting situations as they come, especially those that I cannot control and those that I can control, I try my best to correct them. It’s only the beginning of the year and some might think that it's only a phase, but if it is a phase I hope that it stays for a very long time because it is a version of myself that I am liking and enjoying more.


Growing up and in my 20’s I always based my progress and success on my age and always listed things that I wanted to accomplish by the time I hit the big 30 or at least be in the process of attaining. I will be turning 30 in a few months and it is safe to say that not everything I had planned for myself has happened accordingly and surprisingly enough for myself. I am okay with it. 


Furthermore, I am more appreciative of the things that money cannot buy. One thing about me that everyone familiar with me knows is that I love money and I don’t mind working for my money, if my current job hours allowed me to, I’d even work extra jobs to make extra money. I just love beautiful and nice things that require money so in most cases I would find that my joy comes from having money and when I don’t have any, I just want to sleep or I’m just miserable. However, I am now more appreciative of people and the time I get to spend doing simple things like playing with my son or taking a walk with my boyfriend. Spending time with my sisters and their kids.


The past few weekends I was hosting my sisters and niece and I was so fulfilled after spending time with them. That was another moment of realization for me where I saw that it is the little things that money cannot buy that matter. 



With having lost so many people in the past 5 years and having comforted people close to me after they have lost the people that they love, that brought anxiety and fear for me on what or who I might lose next to the point where I was even scared of forming friendships with people, I have been working on that and trying to have a different perspective on life, death, living and appreciating being alive. 


I am more appreciative of life and the people around me, even though the past years have caused me to have a bit of social anxiety, I am forcing myself to go out more, even if it’s just for a walk or playing outside with my boy just to familiarize myself with having people around me. Very soon I’ll be out and doing activities and going out to socialize and I cannot wait for that. 


We are placed on this earth for a reason and it is only up to us to either use the chances we have to the fullest by being present in every moment. Doing me in all respects, taking a breather whenever I am overwhelmed. Going back to journaling everything that is happening, chasing my dreams at my own pace, reading more books, completing my degree, and not being panicky about things that are out of my control. That is how I will be going back to doing the basic things that bring me so much joy. 


I am getting into the new year only now and starting showing signs of productivity a month and a half into the year and I am also fine with that. The most important thing to me is that I was able to get myself out of my head and move forward. 


Like I always say, I hope this year is the best year of your life, your dreams come true and it meets all of your expectations. Lastly, let’s not forget to practice kindness Cheers!!!!

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