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By Lusanda · Mar 12, 2021
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Is adventure your cup of tea? Do you thrive with being inside the forest and enjoying the tranquility that nature has to offer? Do you love the beautiful escape from the City life and just be one with fauna? Do you enjoy getting dirty, muddy and free? If so, then the SA Forest Adventure Hermanus is the place for you to find yourself in. with the vast activities for you to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues. SA Forest Adventure is the place for you to forget about everything else, let loose and have fun. 


Situated on the south coast of the Western Cape, it is located about 170 km southeast of Cape Town and is connected to the Mother City by the R34 highway (or coastal R44 scenic route) and N2 motorway. The activities that they have to offer include a treetop zip line, quad bike trail, paintball and sand boarding to name a few. However with any activity that you find yourself doing, you are guaranteed to not have any regrets after that but only great memories, pictures to re-live the moment and stories to share about your experience. 


It was not any different for my family and me when we decided to take a drive from Cape Town to Hermanus to go and explore this adventurous place that we have been hearing people marvel about. My dad, brother-in-law, sister and myself opted to do the quad bike trail and my younger sister settled on the treetop zipline and boy oh boy, how much fun did we have!!! 


We got our safety gear upon arriving, tested the bikes that we would be using and if one would be able to drive for themselves or they would need assistance from one of the workers there and then it was all systems go. There is just something about revving an engine of a quad bike that got my blood excited, it felt like they were taking forever for us to commence with our drive once everything was done. Our tour guide eventually came and it was time to hit the road Jack…. We were driving in-between trees, crossing muddy puddles, no cars or people on site just us and nature intertwined. 


As we were driving around we were witnessing beautiful scenic views that the Hermanus had to show-off to us and not forgetting how we spotted Proteas (the National flower) along the way with almost every stop. The ride took approximately two hours with us making our last stop on the top of the hill, when looking down you witness a beautiful ocean view with beautiful houses surrounding it. You get to see the entire Hermanus from where we were standing. It was a precious site not to be forgotten.


I have to comment on how I self-sabotaged by going to the escapade wearing flip flops and shorts, biggest mistake ever. When we came back my legs were filled with mud stains and my feet were telling a story of its own. I could hardly recognize my nails. However, when comparing it to the fun I had, if I were to do it again wearing the same outfit, you can bet on me being there and enjoying every moment as if it’s my first time. 


When we came back, my younger sister was still busy with her activity, she could not stop gaping at how much she enjoyed herself, she did mention that they did about 8 zip lines with different lengths. 


The next time you visit the Western Cape, make sure to make a short left to SA Forest Adventure as you will be guaranteed the time of your life. Not forgetting to mention the awesome staff that they have, the friendliest human beings ever. They made us feel at home and were not tired of the many questions that we had for them.

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