The Last Days of Summer

By Lusanda · Jun 1, 2021
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What do they say again about a Sunday well spent and a week of contentment? Well, for me that will remain to be proven this week as it is only beginning, however, I am beginning the week on a high and a renewed energy. What we cannot dispute though is how Sunday is such a Fun-day. 


We are on the last few days of summer and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than going to a farmers market on a Sunday with great company? I had two different experiences with a different company on these dates, however the experience on both instances was so nice, so much so that when warmer days are back, I plan on making this particular market my regular place, they will have no choice but to offer me a membership tag!!!


Imagine beautiful weather combined with a perfect location with its established trees, fountains and the most spectacular view of the City. The Waterfall Market is located in front of the Mall of Africa Town Square in the exquisite Waterfall Park. 

The first time I visited this market was with my best friend who was visiting for the weekend from the Eastern Cape so I knew we would have an awesome time with the day that I had in mind, however, I felt like there is still more to experience with the place hence when my sister was here for a visit, I decided that we should go for round two because I believe that if it’s nice the first time around, then it should be done for the second time around, and guess what?? The second time around was way better because of the time that I had to take in everything that was happening around us and obviously more familiar with the place. 


One thing about the farmers market is that you will have a blast, but the Waterfall market is in its own league, KUMNANDI (It’s lit), I call it the child-friendly day club because on both occasions I went there with my son, he enjoyed it just as much as we did. The way the place has such a beautiful vibe you’d swear that the people that go there know each other from somewhere but that’s not even the case. It’s different people coming together just to have a good time.


Upon entering the market and paying the entrance fee, you immediately see stalls on the right side where the flee market is taking place and a big field on the left with chairs and sun umbrellas, as you walk further in, you see a stage and that’s where all the magic happens, DJ playing the hottest jams and people responding well to the DJ’s playlist by dancing. Now picture yourself on the lawns or joining friends at one of the communal tables to enjoy great food, live entertainment, and ice-cold beverages. WONDERFUL 😊!!!


A day spent at the Waterfall Market promises to bring you a wonderfully diverse, curated experience with the finest artisans, makers, bakers, and creators in the city. The first stop we made was by the food stalls where we perused on what was being sold and chose what we wanted to have. The food did not disappoint at all is it lived up to the expectations of what we saw on display. On both occasions, I was licking my fingers from indulging. 


A cherry on top is the kids having a jumping castle and other child-friendly activities that the kids can enjoy while also enjoying the music. I honestly don’t even think my description of the place is doing justice for the actual experience but it’s the vibes and energy for me that will keep me going back, not to mention how safe one feels when being there. 


The next time you come to visit the City of Gold or any surrounding areas, please make sure to check out the Waterfall Market on Sunday, which opens at 10:00-17:00. You are guaranteed to have yourself a great time.... Then you can come back to thank me lol.

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